U4 American Maid
The Driver
The Boat

from the drawing board - "special thanks to Gary Ebert"

The Construction
Construction of the boat began seriously in 2001. A deal was struck with Jerry Rise for the purchase of the U-20 Appian Jeronimo. Stress Testing
The Cockpit of the U-20 was literally cut in half and widened to accommodate 4 people. A new passenger cage was fabricated and fitted to the new cockpit. This is a test, this is only a test...
An additional escape hatch is cut in the bottom and additional hull work is completed along with the cockpit.
Is this dashboard wide enough for you? Note the central speedometer to provide a clear view for all passengers. Fire sweeps through the hills of Chelan and threaten the shop. The fire fire got as close as across the street from the shop.
A fan gets an early view of the unfinished boat. The engine goes in...
The rear wing and fairings are fitted... A little paint...
and we're ready to roll! first media ride, TriCities, WA 2004

Any time a vehicle is traveling this fast, there is potential for problems. The crew of the U-4 is very concerned about the safety of everyone involved and has gone to great lengths to provide the best possible safety solution.

Passenger safety is provided by multiple means.

  • The cockpit is entirely enclosed. The windows are a 3/4 inch Lexan®/Plexiglas® laminate similar to an F-16 fighter jet cockpit. The canopy covers a welded 4130 chrome-molly steel safety cage and the cockpit itself is an advanced aerospace Kevlar® composite.
  • All vehicle passengers are secured into a high-backed racing seat by 5-point racing harnesses. All passengers will wear a flame-retardant one-piece racing suit, approved racing helmet and a face mask to provide air in case of submersion. All passengers will be briefed on safety procedures.
  •  The U-4 has a dedicated rescue boat and rescue crew of trained paramedics and certified rescue divers. At all times that the U-4 is in the water, the rescue crew will be stationed on the course with divers suited up and ready.

In agreement with our "safety first" policy, suggestions to increase safety are always welcome.

Volunteers Always Needed

If you would like to volunteer and be a part of the U-4 effort, or have materials or space to donate, please send an e-mail and leave your name, phone number and what materials or skills you can donate.


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